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Jennifer West

Magenta Salt Crystal Pixel

Jan 20 – Mar 11, 2018

opens: Jan 19, 7- 9 pm





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Magenta Salt Crystal Pixel


Jan 20 – Mar 11, 2018

Opening Jan 19, 7 – 9 pm



We are excited to announce our upcoming gallery show by Jennifer West (born 1966 in Topanga, California), titled Magenta Salt Crystal Pixel in which we will feature a selection of video projections and unique transparent film prints of extracted video stills.


Known for her creations of experimental films and installations, the Los Angeles based artist has won wide international recognition for her exploration, use and interpretation of film material. The results of her films and prints of video stills come from an intense physical performative intervention with the physical material itself. She works with old film stock and found celluloid, and uses everyday household materials—including hot water, bleach, vanilla, coffee, vinegar, nail polish and others —to paint and erode the film emulsion and create colored splotches, patterns, and chance effects. When digitized and re-screened this manipulative process has an unpredictable aesthetic effect on the formal material.




Film Title Poem will run daily from January, 20 to February, 18 between 7-11 pm at the SCHAUT!-Ausstellungsraum of Mal Seh’n Kino.


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Jennifer West Magenta Salt Crystal Pixel

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